Join our campaign to secure Lympne Airfield

Lympne Airfield and Winston Churchill

Welcome to our Lympne Airfield website and our campaign to secure its longterm future.

We have a new battle to save our Airfield from housing development and are now starting the campaign to secure its long term future. We have a mountain to climb and need your help.

Lympne is the nearest to coast WW2 grassed airfield in the southeast of England and is quite unique. We are asking you to join our fight to secure the Airfield’s permanent future.

We are working to build national and international support to recognise and record the Airfield’s vital role in two world wars, aircraft development since the Wright Brothers first flew and the growth of aviation through courageous long distance solo flights between the wars.

Conserved as a wildflower meadow forming the hub of a series of wildlife corridors radiating out to the North Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Romney Marsh and East Sussex and home to a visitor centre showing the history of its unique aviation pedigree and political & social history as well as the ecology, the Airfield will be a living memorial to the pilots and aircrew who served in both world wars and the intrepid men and women who, like Amy Johnson and Charles Lindburgh, blazed a trail to the four corners of the Earth when flying was new.

Our Mission

To secure the Airfield’s longterm future from development and despoilation.

To bring the significance of the part Lympne Airfield has played in the political, social and creative life of England through both World Wars to as wide a national and international audience as possible.   

To implement a plan for the future of the airfield comprising the creation of an extensive  wildflower meadow forming the hub of a series of wildlife corridors throughout Kent and the establishment of an historic aviation museum and visitor centre in the southeastern sector of the ‘Field’.

Latest Campaign News and Blog

See the News and Updates page for progress of our campaign to secure the long term future of the Airfield.