The County Members and the Airfield

Avro 748 County Members - Copy

The County Members has been closely associated with our Airfield for nearly a hundred years and as we approach the 75th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust has donated a plaque to be mounted on the wall of the pub to commemorate that fact.

The plaque will be unveiled and dedicated on Friday 10th July at 6pm by Michael Stanford-Tuck, son of WW2 Wing Commander Roland Robert Stanford Tuck DSO, DFC & Two Bars, AFC., British fighter and test pilot.

The Battle of Britain in the air may only have lasted for a few months, but in 1940 it was the most important event in the history of England since 1066 and confirmed the ‘Great’ in Great Britain.

The heroic, self sacrificing actions of our fighter pilots during those crucial summer months saved our Island from direct invasion by sea and through Churchill’s stirring rhetoric gave our forbears the courage, optimism and determination that eventually won World War 2.

Our modest spit and sawdust Lympne village pub as it was will for ever form an integral part of the history during and between both World Wars and the many larger than life characters who flew from here.

All Airfield Association members are invited to take part in the event and enjoy a celebration drink afterwards. We look forward to seeing you there.

David Plumstead

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