Amy Johnson Festival

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Amy Johnson Festival.

You may have seen some press coverage lately ( of our attempts to get Amy Johnson’s ‘Jason’ Gipsy Moth to Hull (Amy’s home city) for our festival of the arts and engineering which we are planning for July and August this year (75th anniversary this year of Amy’s tragic and untimely death). For various reasons this does not seem likely to happen as the cost and level of disruption to the Science Museum would be substantial!

One alternative is to see if there is a flying or non-flying Gipsy Moth in the UK which we could have repainted in the Jason livery. We have rather fine courtyard which will act as a festival square during July and August and this would be a wonderful place to have a Gipsy Moth on display. I think it is hard for young people to believe what a small, fragile machine Amy flew all that way to Australia, and being close to one on the ground would be quite affecting.

Might I put an appeal in the next issue of ‘The Moth’ to see if anyone can help with this idea?

Your thoughts on this would be gratefully received. There’s more information about the festival on our website – address below.

Best regards
Rick Welton
Festival Director
Amy Johnson Festival Ltd.

For more information call David Plumstead on 01303 265737 or mobile – 078990 42590

Friends of Lympne Airfield Association


Amy_Johnson's_de_Havilland_DH.61_Moth_('Jason'),_Science_Museum,_London  Photo by MLWatts

Amy_Johnson’s_de_Havilland_DH.61_Moth_(‘Jason’),_Science_Museum,_London Photo by MLWatts

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