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Squadron leader Douglas Bader on his Hawker Hurricane 1940

Squadron leader Douglas Bader on his Hawker Hurricane 1940


  NPG x163805; Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader by Godfrey Argent

Our meeting on May 2nd will be presented by John Simpson, who will tell the true events of two RAF WW2 legends; Douglas Bader and Roger Bushell and their connections with Lympne Airfield. Both shot down Spitfire pilots, and both ultimately incarcerated in well known prisoner of war camps; Colditz and Stalag Luft 111 respectively, owing to their continued prowess in escaping earlier captivity. Both subject in later years to be portrayed on the silver screen by Kenneth More and Richard Attenborough  in Reach for the Sky and The Great Escape respectively.

They were both here at Lympne on numerous occasions before, and in Bader’s case after the war. Heroism, humour, survival and tragedy are all part of these accounts of these two household names who knew our village very well indeed.

Come along and learn about these larger than life ‘Boys’ Own’ characters at Lympne and beyond. Some great rare images survive from before WW2 of those years. Remember we do not clash with the SHAL meetings anymore!

Please feel free to enjoy our continuing celebration of our Airfield in the wonderful surroundings of Lympne Castle’s East Bar. There is no charge. Thanks to our generous hosts Richard and Rod at the castle.

For more information please contact: John Simpson 01303 265078 Email: Web:



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