Our September meeting saw a presentation on local aviator Cyril Geoffrey Marmaduke Alington 1914 – 1987 or Geoffrey as he was better known. Aviation expert David Goldsmith told of his life in flying. The Alington family lived at Hillside Street in Hythe, and Geoffrey learned to fly at Lympne with the Cinque Ports Flying Club. He owned a twin engined Monospar which has survived and is currently being restored at the Newark Air Museum, Notts. He flew the ‘plane to Cairo in 1937 from Lympne, and later that year took part in the Folkestone Air Race and was hired to fly Hitler’s ‘girlfriend’, believed to be Unity Mitford, to various European countries. Rejected by the RAF owing to being colour blind he went on to have a busy war in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) ferrying many aircraft types including the Hurricane, Stirling and Lancaster. He also flew aircraft built by Austin Motors at Longbridge. After the war he returned to air racing and various commercial flying. His life story was published in his autobiography ‘A Sound in the Sky’ in 1992 five years after his death.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday November 10th and will feature a presentation by local author Tony Moor showing photographs from his extensive library with many images that had to be left out of his book ‘Lympne Airfield at War & Peace’. We gather at 7.30pm at the East Bar of Lympne Castle.

For more details contact John Simpson on 01303 265078 or email

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  1. MARK says:

    May 4, 2018
    My name is Mark Varlotta, I’m an Italian architectural engineer engaged in a project for the conservation of the monument dedicated to the Leonida Robbiano, the Italian aviator who made a solo attempt to break C.W.A. Scott’s record from Great Britain to Australia.
    His plane, a Breda 33 departed from Lympne on the 8’th of April 1933 and was lost in the bay of Bengal on April 15 1933.
    Unfortunately a gap in Flight Global’s historical database made it impossible to find important data on which I was heavily relying.
    Are you in possession of data/pictures/videos related to the flights and competitions that departed from Lympne’s airport in April 1933?
    Can you indicate me any other sources of information?

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