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Lindbergh & Wife[3596]Our May 1st meeting was another well attended evening enjoyed by all as John Simpson to ok us through a fascinating look at the Dambusters Raid, looking at true accounts of things that did not appear in the famous 1950’s feature film. Our July 3rd presentation is by David Goldsmith who will focus on Charles Lindbergh’s years in Kent and will also cover his Air Mail flying and the world famous 33 hour nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927. In addition the controversies and misinformation surrounding his dealing with the Germans while based in Kent, and his significant efforts in WW2 including combat against the Japanese will be discussed. Charles and Anne Lindbergh found life intolerable owing to media attention after the kidnap and murder of their son. They slipped away from the USA to Liverpool by ship in 1935 and rented Long Barn near Sevenoaks from Harold Nicolson and Vita SackvilleWest. The latter had recently moved to Sissinghurst Castle. Lindbergh made numerous flights to the continent, clearing customs at Lympne. He even ordered a special Miles Mohawk touring aeroplane which he helped to design. The Germans were secretly rebuilding their Air Force, but invited Lindbergh to see and even fly their machines, which provided valuable information to the Allies. He died in 1974 on his beloved Hawaii. The last flight of the ‘Lone Eagle’ was on Pan Am from mainland USA. He had been technical advisor to the airline for over forty years. All meetings start at 7.30pm sharp. Please feel free to enjoy our continuing celebration of our Airfield in the wonderful surroundings of Lympne Castle’s East Bar. There is no charge. Thanks to our generous hosts Richard and Rod at the castle. For more information please contact: John Simpson 01303 265078 Email: Web:

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