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Despite clashing with the England v Columbia football match our July meeting was attended by over twenty people and enjoyed by all as David Goldsmith took us through the life of Charles Lindbergh and his many visits to Lympne Airfield.

Our September 4th presentation is by aviation author Tony Moor who will explain the Advanced Landing Grounds in Kent from WW2.

When the time came to prepare for the invasion of Europe in WW2, temporary airfields known as Advanced Landing Grounds (ALG’s) were laid to accommodate dozens of RAF and USAAF squadrons. There were twelve sites selected from several possible locations in Kent. Some were also constructed in Sussex and Hampshire. Their story is not so well known and the presentation will include photographs from each ALG in Kent, and details of where they were located. Many of these images came from pilots and airmen who served on them.

Some of the units based on Kent ALG’s, later moved into Europe when the invasion began. Others remained to combat the new threat from Germany, the V1.

Redundant when the war moved on , these ALG’S were soon torn up and restored to their former owners, and those few months of hectic activity, helped establish a foothold in Europe, and sadly little evidence remains of their existence.

All meetings start at 7.30pm sharp.

Please feel free to enjoy our continuing celebration of our Airfield in the wonderful surroundings of Lympne Castle’s East Bar and main hall. There is no charge. Thanks to our generous hosts Richard and Rod at the castle, and Brian our regular barman..

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