LYMPNE AIRFIELD HISTORY SOCIETY
Our November meeting was presented by Tony Moor who showed us many images of Lympne Airfield left out of his 2013 book, Lympne Airfield at War and Peace.
For the first time we were shown many photographs from WW1. These included captured German aircraft and a railway locomotive which was used to haul aircraft for assembly on the airfield, via a spur from the mainline at Westenhanger. At this time Lympne was designated No.8 Acceptance Park, for the supply of aircraft to the Western Front.
Amongst many fascinating images a Zeppelin airship on a maiden flight between the wars was seen over the airfield and regular Imperial Airways biplane airliners bound for Paris in the same era. The Lympne Trials of 1923-26 also featured together with several very good images of the airfield from the air. The summer camps of several RAF Squadrons including 600 and 601 (the Millionaires Squadron) were also covered.
An intriguing prelude to Silver City Airways car carrying flights of the 1940’s and 50’s saw Lympne home to a strange aircraft called an  Aerovan containing one car. This was featured with its payload. We understand the aircraft later crashed here.
So many photographs were made available to us that we decided to make this part one of two nights. Our January 12th meeting will continue with more of Tony’s archive images in the new year.
Once again several new faces joined us from the village and from Hythe. Please feel free to come and enjoy our next meeting at the same venue, Lympne Castle, East Bar from 7.30pm. There is no charge or pre booking necessary. Thanks to Rod Aspinall once again for being our host and manning the bar.
            For More Details contact: John Simpson on 01303 265078 or email
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