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Our January meeting saw local aviation author Tony Moor take us through the second part of his photograph archive of Lympne Airfield and other nearby associated airfields. This time we saw more images from before the Second World War, several from the war itself and air rallies and racing from the late 1940’s. There were also many from the Silver City and Skyways era together with Skyfotos in service and the parachute school. These included 600 and 601 Squadron at summer camps, Spitfires of 350 Squadron, Dakotas and Avro 748’s from Silver City and Skyways.

From 1969 we saw the Piper Commanche belonging to aviatrix Sheila Scott at the time of the opening as Ashford Airport, and from the 1980’s one of the last aircraft to land at Lympne, the Cessna Crusader aircraft of jockey Pat Eddery who was visiting Folkestone Racecourse. There were also many aerial images of Lympne and the surrounding area and personalities from the era of aviation.

Next time we are to look at an overview of the many famous names who spent time at Lympne. Around a hundred such famous personalities from the seventy year aviation years. More details in the next issue.
Look out for a programme on BBC Radio 5 Live coming our way on Sunday February 14th. Operation Crabsticks tells the story of the pipe mines laid on Lympne and other near to the coast airfields to disrupt a potential German invasion. These proved to be a problem after the war and in some cases are understood to still be in situ. In 1962 a German national working as a disposal officer was killed at Lympne whilst removing these. I was able to supply the name of this person to the BBC researcher. I understand they wanted to find his family.
The next meeting takes place on March 15th at Lympne Castle’s East Bar from 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend. There is no charge thanks to the kind continuing generosity of Rod and Richard at the Castle.
For more information contact: John Simpson on 01303 265078 email



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