Our forthcoming meeting on March 15th will present over a hundred famous personalities connected with Lympne Airfield. Ranging from royalty, politicians, sports stars, film stars, pop stars, aviators, war leaders, comedians, actors, aircraft designers, test pilots and more. Each person’s connection will be briefly explained. As diverse as Charles Lindbergh to Charlie Chaplin, Edward and Mrs Simpson to Paul McCartney, Laurence of Arabia to Douglas Bader, it is surprising just who has come to Lympne over the years. Presented by John Simpson.

We will also update our on going project to remember all those who have lost their lives flying to and from Lympne. We now have the names of fifteen Canadians who were killed in a Zeppelin raid on Otterpool Lane in October 1915. Plus news and follow ups on all things Lympne Airfield.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm in the East Bar of Lympne Castle on Tuesday 15th March. All are welcome. There is no charge thanks to our kind hosts Richard and Rod at Lympne Castle.
For more information contact: John Simpson on 01303 265078

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