Planning refused on Lympne Airfield

poppiesMore than a year of campaigning, membership building, fundraising and many weeks preparing and then giving evidence at the Public Inquiry into the appeal by the Airfield’s owner/developer, the dedicated friends and members of the Lympne Airfield Association have been rewarded by the Inspector’s decision to refuse Phides Estates (Overseas) Ltd. appeal.

This has been the third attempt to bury our Airfield under concrete, tarmac and hundreds of boxes of Ticky Tacky in the last twenty years and it is our avowed intent that it shall be the last.

Pete Seeger’, the American folk singer who sadly died this year could have composed at least three of his hit songs for us – ‘Little Boxes’,  ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ and ‘We shall overcome’.

With your help we now have a small mountain to climb if we are to secure our Airfield’s future, but we are setting out on that adventure knowing that it is absolutely the right thing to do as we are on the side of the Angels (the butterflies, the moths and the wild flowers) and with the overwhelming support of our community and the thousands of people who will read this page.


If you are able to give us the practical and moral support we need to complete our task – THANKYOU.

Many years ago the framed homily on the wall of my first solicitor’s waiting room read:  ‘He whistled and sang as he tackled the thing that couldn’t be done – and he did it.’


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